graphic novel

The Urban Sketcher

Jaideep Unudurti

Sarnath Banerjee brings alive pandemics throughout history in his latest graphic novel. The author-illustrator speaks to

Searching for Mr Munin Barkotoki

Graphic novel as a literary quest

Being Alive

Surviving the Sri Lankan war

Power Portrait

A graphic tribute to Indira Gandhi

Drawn Eloquent

Comics gets serious in a collection of narrative essays

Not Lost in Translation

Reading these graphic novel adaptations of Agatha Christie crime novels is like rediscovering an old friend

Extraordinary Life, Extraordinary Art

Despite the failings of its polemics, this graphic telling of Ambedkar’s story deserves to be read

All That We’ve Lost Since Harappa

Chronicling the past as well as documenting the contemporary, Banerjee playfully counts our losses

All-new Templates

As Indian graphic novels evolve, they are taking some unfamiliar, unIndian turns, if still to tell familiar stories

Emergency, Uncensored

A visual depiction of events of the 1970s that makes this dark period seem more sinister than ever.


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