Nothing Lush, Soft or Verdant

Devika Bakshi

Taiye Selasi’s first novel runs circles around the ‘African story’ you’re used to

Asiatic Lion Survives in Africa

African lions form two distinct genetic groupings, one of them closely related to India’s own Gir lion

The Dream Life

A Kenyan diplomat squeezes a few frugal minutes out of his apparently hectic first secretary’s life to talk about his India sojourn and the laid-back life back home

Tilonia’s Solar Sisters

In a village in Rajasthan, illiterate African women are being taught to become solar engineers

Such a Long Journey

The most powerful propellers in aviation history aren’t made by Boeing or Airbus

Soul Safari

Even less than two weeks in Kenya’s stunning wilderness makes for a coffee table book and a case for conservation. Could we expect anything less from India’s most eloquent tiger watcher?

Back to Africa

The quest for food security is driving companies and countries to buy large tracts of farmland in poor countries. Indian firms are at it too. Neo-colonialism or globalisation?


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