God Is No More

Aresh Shirali

Alyque Padamsee (1928-2018)


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Colours of Life

Anu Malhotra’s debut exhibition shows the artist’s obsession with journeys

Return of the Prodigal

Valsan Kolleri is at his subversive best while Puneet Kaushik plays with memories in a new show curated by Prima Kurien

Harvester of Strife

Jeremy Seabrook, a lyrical narrator of socioeconomic conflict, takes us to the factories of Bangladesh and England

Remembrance of things to come

Stretching from Partition through recent violence against women, the work of Amar Kanwar is a constant conversation with history. The reclusive artist explains why

For the love of common people

Art collector Kiran Nadar’s museum project aims to break barriers of art appreciation by attracting popular interest

Play it Again, MTV

The music channel returns to glory with the launch of MTV Indies

Echo of a Battle Cry

Eve Ensler’s new play Emotional Creature calls on women to reclaim their emotions, but lacks the power of her classic Vagina Monologues

A Fort Full of Folk

At the inaugural Jodhpur Flamenco & Gypsy Festival


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